How to Learn Everything from Scratch in 3 Easy Steps

4 min readSep 25, 2020

With suitable real-life examples.

Photo by Isaac Gan on Unsplash

Do you remember what it’s like to learn something from scratch? I’m not talking about a learning curve such as switching from Windows to Mac, but instead, something you’ve started from zero, nothing, nowhere, completely lost.

I’ve studied engineering, and one thing I’ve loved about this domain is that we learn “how to learn.” I apply this knowledge to virtually everything I do in life.

My objective here is to dissect the process of learning from scratch to give you a concrete guide to start tonight. To get a better picture of the method, I’ll share the story when I’ve learned how to speak a third language.

Analogy: Learning Process versus a Steam Machine

I wish I could have been like Trinity in The Matrix movies to fly a helicopter just by downloading software with a cable plugged into my brain. But no. However, the human learning process can be compared to a steam machine.

The purpose of a steam machine is to perform mechanical work. First (1), it must be designed to accomplish a goal. (2) To start the engine, it takes energy (steam pressure). (3) To function over a reasonable period, it must continuously receive power and have regular maintenances.




I write, so I don’t forget the fundamental principles of life. I believe we should make the most of the opportunity to be a human on Earth.